1. Onesies
2. Pants
3. Socks

4. Pajamas

5. Robeez

6. Water Shoes 

7. Lightweight and Warm Sleepsacks 

8. Miracle Blanket Swaddle 

9. Hats and Mittens 


10. Baby Clothes Hangers, Closet Organizers, and Drawer Organizers

11. Hamper

12. Summer Hat 



1. Portable Changing Station

2. Changing Pad Liners – so you don’t have to wash the cover constantly 

3. Diaper Genie, Refills, and Filter

4. Diaper Bag

5. Wet/Dry Bag

6. Diaper Bags Dispenser and Bags

7. Diapers – Get all different sizes!

8. Wipes

9. Diaper Cream

10. Diaper Stacker

11. Diaper Caddy


12. Swim Diapers

13. Wipe Warmer – a nice luxury, but honestly I found it to be completely unnecessary 


1. Swaddles – There are the best swaddles – so expensive but I found some at TJ Maxx for cheaper 

2. Night Lights – we have three of these in our house!


3. Pacifiers – these were Baby Mike’s favorite pacifiers

4. Pacifier Clips

5. Baby Monitor

6. Pack ‘n Play 

7. Humidifier

8. Mobile

9. White Noise Machine 

10. Mattress Protectors for Crib and Pack ‘n Play

11. Sheets for Crib and Pack ‘n Play (and Bassinet if you have one)

12. Blankets

13. Nursing Nightgown


14. Boba Baby Wrap

15. Crib Rail

16. Humidifier 


1. Boppy Pillow – inset, waterproof cover, and cover – super helpful for breastfeeding or bottle feeding 

2. My Brest Friend – I don’t like this as much as the boppy but some people love it 

3.  Baby Care Monitor – Don’t know how we would have remembered to feed him every two hours without this 

4. Wet/Dry Bag – for clothes and pumping parts

5. Bottle Warmer

6. 5oz and 8oz Bottles, Slow Flow Nipples, and Extra Parts 

7. Baby Food Containers 

8. Lanolin Salve for breastfeeding

9. Nursing pads

10. Nursing bras, shirts, and nightgowns 

11. Milk Storage Bags 

12. Extra Pump Parts – depends on the pump you get from insurance

13. Pumping Bra – I like the ones from

14. Plates, Spoons, and Cups

15. High chair

16. Portable High Chair – didn’t register for this but wish I did – we don’t go anywhere without it 

17. Bottle dryer – I didn’t register for this but eventually bought it and wish we had it for the first few months

18. Bibs

19. Bottle Brush 

20. Bottle and Milk Cooler Set

21. Pumping Bag – Necessary? No. Super cute? Yes.

22. Pump Part Cleaning Wipes

23. Dishwasher Basket

24. Sterilizing Bags

25. Cookbook 

26. Manual Breast Pump

27. Face Wipes


1. Baby Face and Hand Cleansing Cloths

2. Washcloths

3. Hooded Towels

4. Bath Tub 

5. Baby Shampoo/Wash

6. Baby Lotion

7. Aquaphor – for after bath

8. Bath Cup/Rinser


9. Bath Kneeler


Health/Baby Care Things

1. Baby Toothbrush

2. Baby Toothpaste

3. Baby Sunscreen 




4. Baby Nail File – amazing and doesn’t hurt 

5. Baby Ear and Forehead Thermometer


6. Rectal Thermometer, Thermometer Covers, and Vaseline

7. Baby Tylenol, Saline Spray and Gripe Water

8. Brush and Comb 

9. Nosefrida 

10. Baby Teethers 

11. Vitamin D Drops – need if breastfeeding – I like this kind –


  1. Outlet Cover and Outlet Plugs

2. Baby Gates for Stairs

3. Cabinet Locks

4. Furniture Wall Straps

5. Baby Room Gates

6. Drawer and Appliance Locks

7. Play Yard


1. Stroller and Car Seat Travel Set – Love this car seat and stroller because the car seat fits in the stroller then is a normal stroller for when the baby gets older – we also have a jogging stroller that the car seat fits in too.  We bought two bases – one for each car – and one car seat to transfer back and forth.

2. Umbrella Stroller – for travel

3. Jogging Stroller

4. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat – Toddler Car Seat -didn’t register for this but I wish I did since I had to buy it already and it’s expensive

5. Carriers

6. Car Window Shades 


Decor and Furniture

1. Dresser 

2. Bookshelf


3. Baby Lounger

4. Wall Hangings


Fun and Play

1. Jumperoo – Baby Mike’s favorite thing 

2. Activity Gym

3. Sit Me Up Seat – didn’t register for this but wish I did

4. O-Ball Toys

5. On the Go Sound Toy


6. Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

7. Edushape Sensory Balls

8. Ferris Wheel Infant Toy 

9. Rainmaker Toy 

10.  Butterfly Shape Sorter

11.  Maracas

12. Baby Einstein Sound Toy 

13. Bendy Ball Rattle Toy

14. Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool

15. Beach Tent with Pool

16. Black and White Pattern Books



Babyganics Brand – Spray Cleaner, Wipes, and Dishwashing Soap