Basically, this is the website I wish existed when I got engaged!  Here are suggestions for items for your wedding registry by category.  I also have linked recommendations for each item, which are either the ones I personally have, use, and love or what I plan to upgrade to.  I am not affiliated with any of these brands but I hope to help the complicated process of making a wedding registry easy for you.  Also, feel free to splurge with your wedding registry.  Add items at various price points, but don’t be afraid to add things you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself.  Engaged couples may be at any point in their life – still living with their parents, living separately, living together in an apartment, living together in a house, etc.  Make your wedding registry a reflection of the things you want or need for your new life together.

Kitchen – General

1. Utensil holder/Crock – The Le Creuset ones come in two sizes and look beautiful sitting on your counter.  From my wedding registry, I have the Caribbean blue one and the white one.

2. Chip clips

3. Dish towels – Sur La Table has high quality basic and super unique dish towels.  I still have the ones I got from my wedding registry five years ago!


4. Brita Pitcher and Filters

5. Spoon rest – Sur La Table has some high quality and unique ones that can also go in the dishwasher.

6. Pyrex storage set – Finally throw out your takeout containers and upgrade to glass!

7. Kitchen garbage can/recycling receptacle –
I have the garbage only version but I wish I knew about this when I registered for my wedding.  I may just have to upgrade to one that includes recycling! 

8. Pot Holders

  • 9. Salt and Pepper Grinders




1. Dutch Oven – I am so obsessed with my Le Creuset one (in Caribbean) that I received for my wedding shower. I use it weekly and it looks gorgeous on my stove top. Totally worth the investment!

2. Prep Bowls

3. Colander / Strainer

4. Pyrex Measuring Cups

5. Wooden Spoons 


6. Mandolin/Slicer – I don’t have one with a container attached or the various attachments, but I wish I did!

7. Steamer


8. Vegetable Peelers


9. Knife Block Set


10. Knife Sharpener

11. Citrus Squeezer

12. Garlic Press/Rocker

13. Microplane

14. Pots and Pans Set – I have this one (though I wish they had it in this color when I made my wedding registry) and I use all of them regularly.

15. Cutting Board

16. Kitchen Utensils Set – Love all of these – just depends on what you’re looking for. I do prefer wood or stainless steel for my utensils.

17. Double Boiler


18. Trays/Dishes for the Oven – I love beautiful bakeware – and a half sheet pan with a rack is a must have!

19. Grill Pan

20. Wok

21. Meat Thermometer

22. Veggie Spiralizer

23. Steak Knife Set – I have blue ones and I love them!




1. Mixing Bowls – So many cute options in different colors, sizes, and designs.

2. Cooling Rack

3. Pie Plate

4. Bake and Carry Set

5. Spatula

6. Apron

7. Bakeware Set – cookie sheets, cupcake pans, cake pans, etc.

8. Rolling Pin

9. KitchenAid Mixer

10. Cake Tray

11. Baking Mats

12. Liquid Measuring Cups

13. Measuring Cups and Spoons


Coffee and Tea

1. French Press

2. Coffee and Tea Cups

3. Sugar and Creamer

4. Nespresso – Seriously life changing.  My husband and I bought this two years ago and it has upped our coffee game like nothing else.  It’s such a nice treat every morning!

5. Pod Holder

6. Teapot

7. Coffee Grinder

8. Electric Kettle 

Appliances / Gadgets

1. Popcorn Maker

2. Immersion Hand Blender

3. Crockpot

4. Instant Pot – Where has this been all my life? A total game changer.

5. Air Fryer – I wish I got this for my wedding. I just got it a month ago and I’m obsessed.

6. Waffle Maker

7. Vitamix/Blender

8. Salad Spinner

9. Microwave

10. Vegetable Spiralizer

11. Food Processor – Unfortunately I hated the food processor I got for my wedding. I have this one now and it’s a million times better.

12. Breville Smart Oven – Possibly my number one favorite thing I got for my bridal shower and it wasn’t even on my list. Make sure it’s on yours!

13. Grill



1. Picture Frame

2. Zip Code Pillow

3. Camera

4. Wedding Invitation Frame

5. Ring Holder

6. Vase


1. Towels, Washcloths, and Bath Mat

2. Bath Rug

3. Small Garbage Can

4. Décor/Accessories

5. Shower Curtain, Hooks, and Liner


1. Table Cloths / Table Runners

2. Placemats

3. Dishes Set

4. Serving Bowls

5. Water Glasses

6. Wine Glasses and Decanter

7. Beer Glasses

8. Champagne Flutes

9. Wine Bottle Opener

10. Ice Bucket

11. Napkins

12. Pitcher

13. Cheese Board Set

14. Hostess Set/Serving Utensils

15. Serving Platters

16. Silverware

17. Beer Fridge

18. Wooden Serving Board

19. Serving Caddy


20. Wine Fridge

21. Vacuums

22. Cake Knife and Server


1. Sheets – Get some high quality ones! Treat yo’self!

2. Blanket/Weighted Blanket – A weighted blanket changed my life and my sleep quality.

3. Comforter/Duvet

4. Hamper- Love a divided hamper!

5. Nightstand/Reading Lamps

6. Humidifier – I have these in every room of my house.

7. Heater

8. Fan – I have this exact one in this exact color and I think it’s the best addition to any room!

9. Inflatable Bed